International EarthCache Day

I got an email from Geocaching HQ on Tuesday announcing this year’s International EarthCache Day is Oct. 10 and 11. Here’s what they wrote:

“How do you best prepare for an EarthCache outing? You planet!

“Learn more about Earth and how it formed through history on Saturday, October 10 and Sunday, October 11, 2020 in celebration of International EarthCache day! Earn the official souvenir for completing your research and receiving your smiley.” 

I’m the first to admit EarthCaches are a bit intimidating, although the last one I found I gave it a favorite point. It took me on a hike at Chain O’ Lakes State Park, one of my favorite Indiana state parks, and I learned about some of the ways glaciers formed the land of northern Indiana some 10,000 to 14,000 years ago.

My wife and I at Chain O’ Lakes State Park completing an EarthCache
Capt. TailWagger looking for a place to go into the lake while on the EarthCach hike

Earlier this year, I found a couple of EarthCaches at artesian wells — one in Steuben County, Indiana, near Lake James and other in Wayne County, Indiana, in Richmond. Both required getting a reading for how fast a bottle filled. For one, I had a half-gallon bottle. For the other, I had a gallon jug. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have any pictures from those trips.

In July, I did an EartchCache in Ohio where we learned about flint. That one, I thought, was quite informative.

Probably the best EarthCache I did this year was at Zion National Park in Utah. Our family flew from Indianapolis to Las Vegas on a really inexpensive flight and spent a few days exploring southern Utah, western Arizona and southern Nevada. We made a quick stop in Needles, California, to get a California geocache.

The Zion EarthCache I did took a walk deep into the heart of a canyon. I think there were questions abut the rocks. It was a beautiful hike on a brisk January day.

For International EarthCache Day 2020, I have a couple of nearby EarthCaches picked out. One is at Eagle Mash here in Fort Wayne on the continental divide (separating the Great Lakes watershed from the Mississippi River watershed). The other is a wetlands in Garrett, Indiana.

What are your thoughts on EarthCaches?

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