Hello 2022

I’m getting a late start on my recap of 2021 and look-ahead to 2022.

In 2021, I found 484 caches, my second-best year in terms of number of finds. In 2017, the first year I was a premium member, I had 567 finds. Among the highlights:

Cached in four new states: Wisconsin, Texas, West Virginia and Connecticut.

Found oldest caches in Illinois and Connecticut.

Attended 19 events, including two megas, two CITOs and the GPS Maze.

Hosted three events.

Looking ahead to 2022

This year I plan to attend the WorldWide Cache Fest, a mega scheduled for mid-July in Memphis, Tennessee. On the way, I hope to cache in seven states in one day: Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. I’ve never cached in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi or Tennessee.

I also hope to complete the Indiana counties challenge. I have 25 counties to go.

My Indiana county map. Shaded counties are counties in which I have found a geocache. Indiana has 92 counties.

And I’d like to get closer to completing the Ohio county challenge. I have found caches in 41 of Ohio’s 88 counties. In June, I’d like to go to the Ohio Geo Clash in Warren, Ohio (Trumbull County). Trumbull is in the northeast portion of Ohio, and if I go, depending on how many days I can get away, I can pick up several new counties and maybe even sneak into Pennsylvania and get Pennsylvania’s oldest.

My Ohio county map. Shaded counties are counties in which I have found a geocache. Ohio has 88 counties.

What about you, dear reader? How did 2021 go? Any big plans for 2022?

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